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married to Edward Styles (sorry zen) I'm a girl whose native language is not english so bare with me guys. 
I only write because of Zarry tbh… I never tried writing before and then I figured out that I write about feeling and stuff I REALLY want to happen because they can't ever happen.. :c

so if I'm to write something that's not Zarry I'm not gon be able to do so :/

I have a joint account with the lovely Sarah @zarrynouisotp called @ZARRYLOGY <3
and I'm a Z&H girl but sometimes I'm a Zayn girl.. 
erm.. so lets move on to the Ships review thinggy:
alphabitical order:

 @Larry_stylinson: NO.. just No.. a zarrillion times NO
 @Lilo: OTP! I just! oh god!! 
 @Lirry: BROTHERS!
 @Narry: Cute but don't push it…
 @Niam: was an OTP and 2011 was the golden year for them to shine and I enjoyed that a lot a lot :( 
 @Nouis: Yaaay! I love it! I ship this shit..
 @ZARRY: ready? GO! ITS NOT AN OTP! ITS A LIFESTYLE! ITS BASICALLY MY LIFE NOW>> I would love to see them as lovers 
 @Ziall: ugh GO away Ziall! :( 
 @Ziam: NOTP
 @Zouis: love the friendship

thats it :) 
WATTPADS BABES: (the Styliks)
 @awzarry > nobody compares to u <3
 @404sandheartache > BABY BE WITH ME SO HAPPILY <3
 @ZarryNouisOTP > LET ME KISS YOU<3
 @tommoLo	> Stole My Heart. (give it back Charity damn)
 @zarrycupcake >Little Things (teabag)
 @zarrybella > Best THING Ever - heart attack (LOVE)
 @blazersnvarsities > Don't Forget Where You Belong!

 @TellMeAboutIt> Magic
 @1Dreamteam > Irresistible (cheesy)(SIS)
 @Akshaya_1Dlover	> Summer Love
 @ZarryOTP >Loved You First (BRO)

its upside down lol!

love you guys



Somewhere Over The Rainbow (Zarry long oneshot)

Somewhere Over The Rainbow (Zarry long oneshot)

12 pages, updated Jun 02, 2014PG-13Completed
Please watch the attached Video its pretty much the description of the story... Two boys who lived in an orphanage couldn't be separated, ... read more
481 reads votes 36 comments 23
zarry one shots (+shameless kinks)

zarry one shots (+shameless kinks)

15 parts / 36 pages, updated Feb 13, 2014R
So basically I wrote: (2) male pregnancy one shots (5)daddy kink one shots (2) hybrids one shot (4) normal one shots (1) incest kink one shots Any other ideas? ;) (
55,448 reads votes 633 comments 183
My Personal Bully [Zarry -AU] (editing) (on hold)

My Personal Bully [Zarry -AU] (editing) (on hold)

18 parts / 28 pages, updated Feb 01, 2014
His name is Harry Styles, he lived all his mid-school life being bullied because of his sexuality. Everyone forgot about him when he started hig... read more
50,165 reads votes 826 comments 209
"good night, boyfriend" (Zarry one shot)

"good night, boyfriend" (Zarry one shot)

2 pages, updated Dec 11, 2012PG-13Completed
Harry has a crush on Zayn, he had to faint on stage for Zayn to notice.
3,491 reads votes 49 comments 4
I'm Your Harreh (Zarry- short story) (i hate this story)

I'm Your Harreh (Zarry- short story) (i hate this story)

3 parts / 4 pages, updated Oct 17, 2012PG-13Completed
zayn is over protective for his bandmate harry styles , he tried not to love him but he does. Short story that i wrote and hate Warning/per... read more
3,624 reads votes 76 comments 6
When you leave its gone again (Zarry one shot)

When you leave its gone again (Zarry one shot)

2 pages, updated Oct 14, 2012PG-13Completed
AU/ the one where Harry was kiddnaped and he met zayn. Aka, the first fanfic ive published.
2,564 reads votes 33 comments 6
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